Sales of form for 2018/2019 Admission is now ongoing

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into various programmes of the adamawa state polytechnic, yola, 2018/2019 session

College of administrative and business studies,  NUMAN programme:

1.              National Diploma in Business Administration (ND) Bus.

2.              National Diploma in Public Administration (NDPA)

3.              National Diploma in Accountancy (ND/Accountancy)

4.              National Diploma in Banking and Finance

5.              National Diploma in Office Technology Management

6.              Nation al Diploma in Social Development (NDSD)

7.              National Diploma in Mass communication

8.              National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

9.              National Diploma in Electrical/Electronics Engineering

10.            National Diploma in Agric and Biological Engineering

11.            National Diploma in Civil/Water Engineering

12.            National Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning

13.            National Diploma in Land and Survey and Geo-informatics

13.            National Diploma in Statistics (ND Stat).

14.            National Diploma in Computer Science (ND Comp)

15.            National Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology (SLT)

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