College of Science and Technology Re-Elects Director.

Today Monday 11th September 2017, the Academic staff of College of Science and Technology Re-elects Mr. Timothy K. Siya as the Director with 100% votes, No invalid, no opposition.  

 This validates his mandate to head the College for the next two years and shows the unity, cordial working relationship  and understanding in the college.

The Registrar Haj. Maria Nyako flanked by the Deputy Registrar (Academic) Mrs. Rebecca I. Kinjir and other top management staff as Electoral Committee conducted the election and  announced the result instantly and the Conference hall of the CST Complex.

During his remarks the new Director thanked all the staff and dedicated the victory to all academic and non academic staff of the college. He further reiterate that this is as a result of his policy of team work and the spirit of all inclusive and open administration style he adopted in his first tenure.

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