The Library is one of the units of the Polytechnic. It has three libraries in Yola, Jambutu and Numan campuses through which it provides services to the Polytechnic community. The main Library is based in Yola and it known as Dr.MohammaduBarkindoAliyu Mustapha library complex which has sub-units namely:-Circulation section, E-library section and Binding and Printing/Finishing section. Each of the sub-units is headed by a Professional Librarian. While the acting Polytechnic Librarian coordinates the activities of the various sub-units of the library inter Departmental contacts for smooth running of the library towards achieving the objective of the Polytechnic. Since Numan and Jambutu libraries are branches, centralized acquisition and processing of materials are carried out by Yola main Library.


The Library is meant to support academic as well as the non-academic programmes of the Polytechnic. Its objectives may be summarized as follows:-

  • Provision of materials in all formats that will assist in studies, teaching and research.
  • Provision of conducive atmosphere for studies and research
  • Inculcation of sound study and Library habits into students.
  • Preservation of materials acquired for future use.


The Library stocks about 22,373volumes of books and monographs in all the three Libraries. Apart from books, the Library subscribes to a variety of Journals/Magazinesand other periodicals totalling about 1,635.


The library is opening during the following hours:-

  • Mondays – Fridays: 8:00am – 9:00pm
  • Saturdays: 8:00am – 2:00pm


  • Mondays – Thursdays: 8:00am – 4:00pm

The library is closed on Sundays and on recognised public holidays.


  • All members of the Polytechnic community namely, Council Members, staffs and students may register with the Library.
  • Any member wishing to use the Library has to purchase the reader’s guide to the library, fill out registration card obtainable at the Issue Desk and undertake to observe the Library rules stipulated in the students’ Hand Book and the Library Guide.
  • Registration is only valid for the current academic year and must be renewed thereafter.
  • A registered reader may be issued with Borrowers’ Tickets, the number of which depends on the type of the reader. These tickets are not transferable and fee of N00 is charged for replacement of each lost ticket.
  • Registered Remedial Students cannot be issued with Borrower’s Tickets as lending privileges will be extended to them when the book collection improves.


The Yola main campus Library building is located between the lecture theatre and Basketball Court the library seats 156 reader at one and there are four offices, the office of the Polytechnic Liberian, the technical service Liberian, the serial Liberian and the reader services Liberian office. While the binding the binding section is a located opposite the old Library building.

At CABS Numan Library operates in a block made up of one Liberian’s office, reserve, book/serial, reference and open shelve area. The library has the capacity to seat well over 100 readers. While at Jambutu campus, there is one office only and a reading room which house seating capacity of 20 readers.


In case of any difficulties, readers may ask the readers service Liberian for assistance. Some suggestion boxes are provided in each of the libraries to offer readers the opportunity to give the unit suggestions, ideas or criticism that will assist towards making our services better, these suggestions may include recommendations for particular book to be bought, reporting a disaster, dissatisfied attitude of staff or reader or any other useful information for the progress of the Polytechnic.




A reader’s membership entitles him to use the full range of services offered. The Lending Services Area Stock on all courses offered in the Polytechnic.

Apart from the references materials which are also shelved here, all the others may be borrowed by registered borrowers.


  1. The Library is open to all members of the Polytechnic community namely, Council Members, Staff and students.
  2. The Library may be used for quiet reading or borrowing of books, readers must therefore, conduct themselves in a quiet and orderly manner while in the Library.
  3. Only registered members issued with borrower’s Tickets can however, use the resources within the Library building.
  4. Noise making, eating, smoking and bringing along pets and usage of radio in or within vicinity of the Library are prohibited.
  5. No book or material may be taken from the library without being formally recorded and issued by Library staff.
  6. Any loss or damage done to Library through tearing, marking, untidying or breaking must be replaced by the defaulter, loss or damage to materials has to be reported at once.
  7. Books borrowed must be returned on or before the last date indicated on the date due label in the book.
  8. A book may be renewed if no other reader is waiting for it.
  9. Reference book such as encyclopaedia, dictionaries, journals and other periodicals are to be used inside the Library.
  10. Repeated and prolonged overdue is to be penalized.
  11. Bags (except small lady’s hand bag) cases and other similar articles are to be left at the entrance of the Library and at the owner’s risk.
  12. On leaving the Library building, readers must show all books in their possession to Library staff or security man at the entrance for inspection. Those wearing big woven gowns must also submit themselves for a thorough check on demand.
  13. Readers that use the resources of the Library and those sponsored by institution to conduct a research or attend diploma, degree and higher degree courses and seminars are expected to deposit at least one copy each of their books, theses and paper in the library.
  14. Library clearance has to be obtained before any Library member finally leaves the polytechnic.
  15. The violation of these rules attracts penalty to be decided by the appropriate authority.